Keep Your Landscape Illuminated With Professional Outdoor Lighting Services in Coral Gables, FL

When it comes to installing landscape lighting fixtures, the experts at Firefly Landscape Contractors come second to none. For over 17 years, the garden lights specialists at Firefly Landscape Contractors have helped countless homeowners and businesses with their outdoor landscape lighting needs. These professionals go above and beyond to provide every single customer with high-quality workmanship paired with incomparable customer service. 

Take Advantage of the Benefits That Outdoor Lighting Has to Offer

Illuminated at All Times

Landscape lighting is a beautiful way of keeping your home exterior illuminated while highlighting specific areas of your patio. Some of the most significant advantages of having outdoor landscape lighting include:

  • Highlight your landscape decorations
  • Enhance your curb appeal
  • Increase your security during the night
  • Boost your real estate value

Get the best garden light services you can find in Coral Gables, FL, directly from highly experienced landscaping light professionals.

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Team up With Licensed Professionals

Firefly Landscape Contractors takes pride in being a State Certified & licensed Low Voltage landscape lighting company. The lighting solutions provided by Firefly Landscape Contractors use 80% less energy with LED bulbs that last 40 times longer than the more common landscape lighting halogen lamps. Save money and have a beautifully illuminated landscape by calling today at (305) 609-0565 and scheduling an appointment.

Our Full Range of Services

Breathe fresh air in a lush environment, outdoors and indoors.

Living Walls/Green Walls

Embellish your property with beautiful and vivid koi ponds and fountains.

Water Features

Illuminate your beautiful property with strategically placed lighting solutions.

Landscape Lighting

Improve any tree’s structure by mindfully removing unwanted branches.

Professional Pruning

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