Embellish Your Property With Professional Green Walls Installation Services in Coral Gables, FL

If you are looking for unique custom-designed living and green walls in Coral Gables, FL, you have come to the right place. Team up with Firefly Landscape Contractors green wall specialists and get beautifully looking faux greenery and lush living walls. Living walls come with an integrated micro-irrigation system built to last and premium, highly energy-efficient hybrids pump and valves guaranteed not to leak. 

Beautify Your Property Inside & Out

Breathe Fresh Air, Always

One of the most convenient aspects of the living and green wall installation services at Firefly Landscape Contractors is that you can get them installed virtually anywhere. Regardless of the size, having living walls indoors increases oxygen levels up to 7.3 dry gallons per sq. foot per second. This oxygen increase is beneficial for your health, and it will help reduce stress.

You can have installed:

  • Living & Green Kitchen Walls
  • Living & Green Bedroom Walls
  • Living & Green Livingroom Walls

Virtually any room can have personalized living & green walls. You call the shots, and Firefly Landscape Contractors will get it done.


Get Unique Vertical Gardens

Surround Yourself With Lush Gardens

Being surrounded by plants is, objectively, good for your health. Get carefully organized vertical gardens for your commercial or residential property. Contact Firefly Landscape Contractors today by calling at (305) 609-0565 and get more than just bedroom green walls, but also health and style.

Our Full Range of Services

Breathe fresh air in a lush environment, outdoors and indoors.

Living Walls/Green Walls

Embellish your property with beautiful and vivid koi ponds and fountains.

Water Features

Illuminate your beautiful property with strategically placed lighting solutions.

Landscape Lighting

Improve any tree’s structure by mindfully removing unwanted branches.

Professional Pruning

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